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Sohel Ahmed Mesaniya

Contagion movie end explained better

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Bulldozer is operated by the company AIMM Alderson and is the employer of Beth Emhoff (portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow), the very first patient. Globalization and Industrialization

Bulldozer cut trees. Deforestation

The natural habitat bats living on that tree are displaced. Displacement.

Bats moves to new place to live: a pig farm

A pig eats a piece of banana that is half eaten by bat

Chef prepares meal from that pig, slaughtered

Meanwhile chef also meets and hand shakes with Beth Emhoff

Beth Emhoff is the index patient.

Noteworthy: Chef did not contract the disease, possibly immune, but he transferred the disease from infected to non-infected body. Currently many governments thinking of or issued "immunity passport" but it is risky

So Industrialization (AIMM Alderson) leads to Deforestation leads to Displacement of natural habitat (bats) leads to pandemic

Displacement of living being, Butterfly effect and "Survival of fittest" are all correlated

Butterfly effect theory e.g.: a flying of a butterfly in Madagascar can result in massive earthquakes in Norway. If some small thing can result in pandemic, then it can also be said that butterfly effect is produced.

Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory of "Survival of the fittest" 's e.g.: a polar bear (indigenous and natural habitat to Arctic circle) is likely to live and sustain for multiple generations in the cold North pole region. If they are moved to a hot region in Africa, say Sahara, they are more likely to die.

Displacement of any living organism or natural habitat is a very big phenomenon.

If human displace all kangaroos from Australia to Latin America, butterfly effect may produce because it will try to violate "survival of the fittest"

Even displacement of the same species animal for e.g. Asian lion and African lion are swapped, might produce butterfly effect

And even one day travel (Displacement) of a human to a nearby city for work can produce butterfly effect. Imaginary e.g. but it can happen in real world:

A person leaves food near his home for birds before going to the office everyday. One day in order to catch the train early to go for work to a nearby city, he forgot it. Crows coming everyday finds that there is no food so they grab some piece of infected meat from somewhere and come back. Leaving that half eaten piece there, the rat smells and touches it. Rat moves to the kitchen of that person and that person is the index patient.

Few people tend to blame big companies (AIMM Alderson) for pollution and deforestation. But that is baseless.

From hair to shoes, comb, dye, shirt, pant, pant zip, mobile, mobile case, shoes, key etc how are all these are manufactured and distributed. How machines manufacturing these items are created and distributed?

We are all in this together, we have to accept it.

More things are taken from earth than given back

So how to avoid it and maintain balance?

Either we can go to per-electricity era, ride horses, do all things manually,  don't use modern appliances and services etc.


We can make earth awesome.

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